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  • 12

Science Proves Traditional Selling Methods Are Dead

World renowned research has proven it, at least 95% of all buying decisions are subconsciously made. That's right, [...]

  • 11

Why Changing Your Mindset Usually Doesn’t Work

How many times have you changed your "mindset" about something only to find yourself right back in your [...]

  • 8

Easily Be Your Prospect’s Obvious Choice

All buying decisions are brain based and the brain prefer certain "triggers" over others. Actually, when you activate [...]

  • 10

Crack Open Your Prospect’s Subconscious Motivations To Buy

Everyone has a "buying" and behavior strategy. The thing is, it's subconscious but any time we make a [...]

  • American Idol

“Potential” Doesn’t Win American Idol And It Won’t Increase Your Sales

As you know, all the motivational speakers are telling you to "Live Up To Your Potential." What they [...]

  • 7

The Absolute And Only Way To Create Permanent Change In Your Life

All behavior is subconsciously driven, yet 99% of people try to create change through behavior instead of changing [...]

  • 6

Control Your Prospect And Get The Contract Every Time

Ever had clients who were a pain in the butt? Difficult clients? Demanding clients. They do this because [...]

  • Hard-work

Why Working Harder Won’t Increase Your Paycheck

If prospecting more and working longer harder hours really worked, more people in sales would make big bucks. [...]

  • 4

“Excite” Your Prospects Mind And Close The Deal

Just imagine knowing exactly what to say to get your prospect wanting your product service. All buying is [...]

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Michael Dunsky, Top 100 US Mortgage Officer, Franklin, MA
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Chris Reisbeck, John Arroe Group, Pasadena, CA
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Brandon Lucero, #1 Ranked YouTube Video Ranking Expert
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